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A Personalized Approach to Learning

I offer a personalised learning experience designed to accommodate viewers of all levels; from beginners to seasoned experts. I want you to learn at your own pace whenever it’s convenient, and from the comfort of wherever you are in the world. Broaden your horizon and explore. Don't be afraid to experiment. Everything you see on my sight is 'on a budget'. Cheap ways of making your home look expensive. 


About InTEErior Designs

Knowledge is Power

Hi I'm Tee. Since i was a teenager, I have been addicted to beautiful homes. 30 years on and I have achieved many personal and professional goals. But Interior Design and Decorating is my first choice of hobby. Individuals can access a wide range of high-quality D.I.Y videos along with helpful resources to guide them through the learning process. When you participate in my DIY Tutorials, you’re embarking on a journey of discovery and understanding. I encourage cheapness, haggling, charity shops, recycling centres, and shopping around for the cheapest deal. 



Want to learn more about InTEErior Designs and what I do? Then look no further. My ideas and work ethic is to make everything convenient, affordable and look expensive!

Birmingham, UK

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